Announcement on Presenting Negative Results of COVID-19 Nucleic Acid Tests before Boarding by Passengers Taking Flights Bound to China

On July 20, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), the General Administration of customs of the PRC (GACC), and the Ministry of foreign affairs (MFA) jointly issued a "Notice Regarding Passengers on Flights to China Having Proof of Negative Nucleic Acid Tests for the Novel Coronavirus before Boarding", (See Attachment). The measure is taken in order to ensure health and security in international travel and to reduce the risk of cross-border transmission of the epidemic. The Chinese Embassy in Rwanda notify relevant information as follows:

At present, the Chinese Embassy in Rwanda is carefully sorting out the relevant circumstances in accordance with the relevant requirements of the announcement, and comprehensively assessing the implementation of nucleic acid testing measures in Rwanda. After the implementation conditions are met, the specific implementation measures and starting date will be published on the embassy's website and WeChat official account. At that time, sufficient preparation time will be reserved for the concerned passengers. Passengers who intend to depart from Rwanda to China in the near future are requested to pay close attention to the official websites of the Chinese embassy in Rwanda and embassies and consulates in transit places for the latest informations.

Before issuing relevant notices and specific implementation measures, Chinese and foreign passengers who depart from Rwanda to China by transferring via countries where boarding with a negative nucleic acid test certificate for the novel coronavirus has not been implemented are not required to board the plane with a negative nucleic acid test certificate.


                                                      Chinese Embassy in Rwanda

                                                                                                                         July 27, 2020