In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Rwanda and China

Rwanda and China established diplomatic relations on Nov.12th, 1971. Over the past 50 years, Rwanda and China have always maintained solidarity, mutual trust, mutual respect, and mutual support through thick and thin. Both sides will take the upcoming 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between Rwanda and China as an opportunity to chart the course for the development of bilateral relations in the next 50 years and open the new future of more mature Rwanda-China relations.

To help the people of the two countries better understand the breadth and vitality of the bilateral relations, maintain close communication, and expand people-to-people exchanges, the Chinese Embassy in Rwanda hereby invites all friends to participate in an online quiz contest in commemoration of the milestone of 50th anniversary.

Entry information are provided as follows:



A bosom friend afar brings a distant land near, and Rwanda-China relations are as close as one family.


Awards and Prizes:

The contest will have three top prize winners, three secondary prize winners and five third prize winners and 15 lucky participant prize winners.

Prizes include a whole-package free trip for 4 people to Akagera National Park, mobile hard drives, Bluetooth earphones, Chinese porcelain wares and varieties of delicate gifts from China.


Quiz Details:


Stage 1: 1st-7th October 2021

Stage 2: 8th-14th October 2021

Stage 3: 15th-21st October 2021

Awards ceremony: Early November

l Total 15 choice questions, 5 questions for each stage.

l Quiz link will be shared on 1st October tweeted by the official account of the Chinese Embassy.

l Quiz will be in Kinyarwanda & English Language.


Necessary Steps to Participate:

l Follow the Chinese Embassy on Twitter (@ChinaEmbinRW).

l Click the quiz link to finish answering all the three stage questions.

l Retweet and reply to the origin tweet, tag #ChinaRwanda50 with your perspective or feelings to China-Rwanda Friendship, the exchanges and cooperation between China and Rwanda.


Other Notes:

l The participants should finish all the participation steps.

l The right to interpret this event belongs to the organizer. The participation in the contest indicates participants' acceptance of above contest rules.

( Contact number:

+250-252586714 (English, French, Kinyarwanda)

+250-252584965 (Mandarin, English)



Embassy of China in Rwanda

September 29th, 2021