Provisional Measures for Travelers Bound for China (Effective on Jan 8th, 2023)

1. According to the provisional measures on COVID-19 pandemic control, from January 8th 2023, travelers bound for China should do one PCR nucleic test within 48 hours before departure:

(1)If the test result is negative, the traveler needs to make a health declaration to China Customs (method is below), and does not need to apply green health code from Chinese Embassy or Consulate.

(2) If the test result is positive, the traveler needs to wait until recovery and turns negative to travel to China.

2. Upon entering China, PCR nucleic test will not conducted.

(1)If the traveler’s health declaration is normal and passes the regular inspection and quarantine measures adopted by the China Customs, he or she could could enter the society.

(2)If the traveler’s health declaration is abnormal or having symptoms like fever, the China Customs will conduct rapid antigen test for him or her. If the result is positive and the symptoms is not serious, he or she needs to do self-quarantine at residence. If the symptoms is severe, he or she should go to hospital for treatment. If the result is negative, the China Customs will conduct regular quarantine inspection.

Ways to make health declaration to China Customs:

1. Use WeChat to scan the following code (the second for English language) to make the declaration:

2. Use the website ( to make the declaration.

Chinese Embassy in Rwanda reminds that for sake of your and others’ health, it is necessary to adopt prevention measures during your journey in case of infection.

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December 28th, 2022