Notice on Appointment-free Visa Application Arrangements and Expansion of Office Hour for the Consular Service

As of November 20,2023, the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Rwanda will provide appointment-free visa application services and adjust office hours of the consular service :

1. Appointment-free Visa Application

Visa applicants can log on to the China Online Visa Application website fill in the form. After that, the applicants shall visit the consular office of the Embassy to submit physical visa application documents. There’s no longer need to make appointment online starting from November 20,2023.

Upon entering the consular office, please follow the instructions of the staff for security screening and queue number pickup. After picking up the number, please wait in waiting area and pay attention to the calling and the information on display board. If a number has been called three times and no one is responding to that, this number will be invalid and passed, and applicants shall wait in line again to get a new number. Please be noted that the queuing machine will not stop providing service till 11:30am, half an hour ahead of Office Hour ending of morning.

2. Office Hour of the Consular Service Adjustment

As of November 20,2023, the Embassy will increase Office Hour (closed on weekends and holidays) to the following:

1)8:30am-12:00am from Tuesday to Friday,receiving application for Consular Certificates.

2)2:00pm-5:30pm from Monday to Friday,for applicants to pick up Consular Certificates.

A surge of applicants may cause prolonged waiting time at the initial period of appointment-free arrangement.Applicants are recommended to arrange their time for submission according to their travel schedule.

Chinese Embassy in Rwanda    

November 13, 2023