Chinese Embassy in Rwanda holds a seminar on the 20th National Congress of CPC

On Jan. 18, Chinese Embassy in Rwanda held a seminar on the 20th National Congress of Communist Party of China. With the theme of "China's Development and Africa's Opportunity", representatives from local media houses and Chinese alumni were briefed on the Chinese path to modernization and development, and discussed about how Africa can benefit from the development opportunities brought by China and how China and Africa can better tell their own stories. Chinese Ambassador Wang Xuekun and Political Counsellor Xing Yuchun joined the participants.

Ambassador Wang made an in-depth presentation on the outcomes of the CPC 20th National Congress, focusing on China's development achievements and prospects, the Chinese path to modernization and its global significance, as well as the outlook for China-Rwanda relations. The Ambassador pointed out that since the founding of People’s Republic of China 73 years ago, Chinese people have made remarkable development achievements The most important reason for China's development achievements is the strong leadership of the CPC and the choice of a development path that suits China’s national conditions—Socialism with Chinese characteristics. We will achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation through the Chinese path to modernization. China's modernization provides a reference for the developing countries to achieve modernization through their own struggle; China's modernization aims to realize the people's aspiration for a better life, which determines that China will always share the same destiny with developing countries; China's modernization promotes peaceful development, and will not follow the same path as other countries that achieve modernization through colonization or war. Furthermore, CPC’s 20th National Congress provides an important opportunity for the development of China-Rwanda relations. China is willing to work together with the Rwandan side to strengthen solidarity and cooperation, deepen the potential of cooperation and further enhance the level of friendship and cooperation between two countries.

Ms. Xing gave a detailed introduction of China's experiences in poverty alleviation. She said that there is great room for cooperation between China and Rwanda in the field of poverty alleviation and China is willing to further support Rwanda's economic and social development, as well as share experiences to achieve common prosperity. Ms. Li Zhen, First Secretary in the Economic and Commercial Office in Embassy introduced the outcomes of China’s opening-up and achievements of China-Rwanda economic and trade cooperation.

Representatives from local media houses and Chinese alumni said that the seminar is timely and will help Rwandans to deepen their understanding of China, especially the CPC and the future direction of China's development. That will help promote the development of friendship and cooperation between Rwanda and China. They said that in the 52 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Rwanda and China, the two sides have deepened their friendship and cooperation in the fields of politics, trade and economy, education and culture, from which Rwanda has benefited a lot. The 20th National Congress of CPC will certainly boost the momentum of good cooperation between the two sides. They agreed that the two countries have many similarities in terms of philosophy of governance, development path, national characteristics and cultural values, which have laid a solid foundation for the deepening of friendly cooperation between the two countries. They also believed that Chinese and African media could strengthen mutual understanding and exchanges to better tell the African and Chinese stories together.

After the seminar, Amb. Wang was interviewed by the mainstream media such as RBA, New Times and Igihe.