H.E. Wang Xuekun attended Rwanda-China Alumni Organization General Assembly

May 20th, Rwanda-China Alumni Organization (RCAO) held its third General Assembly. Ambassador H.E. Wang Xuekun, and Ms. Marie Elise Umulisa, Director of the South and East Asia Unit, representing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Rwanda, attended the assembly.

Ambassador Wang congratulated the newly elected members of the RCAO and thanked the RCAO members for their contributions in connecting the people of China and Rwanda supporting the development of bilateral relations. He hopes that the RCAO can further strengthen its internal organization, mobilize more members, play a greater role in exchanges between China and Rwanda, and provide more suggestions for further deepening bilateral cooperation and benefiting the two peoples.

Director Umulisa thanked the Chinese government and people for their long-term support for Rwanda's national development, and hopes that the RCAO members would continue to be ambassadors of Rwanda-China friendship, share their knowledge and expertise with the Rwandan community, and contribute to Rwanda’s 2050 vision.

Mr. Theoneste Higaniro, Chairman of the RCAO, thanked the Chinese embassy and the Rwandan government for supporting the development of the RCAO. He said that the organization would continue to unite more alumni and make greater contributions to the bilateral exchanges and the development of bilateral relations between the two countries.

Rwanda-China Alumni Organization is a non-governmental organization composed of Rwandan alumni who completed their studies in China. It currently has more than 600 registered members and has an official website https://www.chinaalumni.rw/.